Friday, February 22, 2008

uTest experiment, part 3

I got my Payoneer Debit card in the mail the other day. Unfortunately it was just a fairly generic plastic card, not the cool green utest branded one they showed on the website. It does however, have the utest website url embossed on it, so I know they have me signed up for the correct program.

Still no word from uTest on available work, but it was Feb 11 when they said in a couple of weeks, so I am being patient and just returning to "sit and wait". It remains to be seen if that debit card will be purchasing pop, movies or travel.

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  1. A note from uTest:

    We got the Mastercard approval for the uTest branded debit card in the last few weeks so I guess you ordered yours before we could send the branded one.

    We hope to see you all as part of our testers community in a few weeks when we start testing our first applications.

    Best regards,

    Roy Solomon
    The uTest Team