Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ageing in the rich world: The end of retirement | The Economist

Although the idea that “we are all getting older” is a truism, few governments, employers or individuals have yet come to terms with where longer retirement is heading: the end of the whole concept (see special report). Whether we like it or not, we are going back to the pre-Bismarckian world, where work had no formal stopping point. That reversion will not happen overnight, but preparations should start now—to ensure that when the inevitable happens it is a change for the better.

This has become a very difficult concept to get my parents, aunts and uncles to understand. In my considerations for life, retirement is not really a consideration. I need to have an ever evolving career in which I can be productive, contribute and earn a living until about age 80. This does not mean going back to punching a timeclock and becoming a WalMart greeter in my mind. Keepiong my mind agile and staying up to date on he latest trends and developments in technology is the first leg of this strategy. I am currently the one to introduce new technology to my kids. I need to stay fresh and on the forward loop of development so that this is still true when I have grandkids. Does this change how you look at life? Alter your attitude toward learning? How do you stay connected and fresh?

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Cool Animated Infographic: Growing Up

Wish I had stumbled across this video around graduation time, but it is still great advice for all the kids ( and adults) in our life to think about.

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BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Giving up my iPod for a Walkman

I'm relieved that the majority of technological advancement happened before I was born, as I can't imagine having to use such basic equipment every day.

A humorous look at what happens when today's teen reviews the "new" technology of yesterday. Remember that our grandparents felt this way about washing machines and frigidaires.

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Adobe shuts down for a week - San Jose Mercury News

Adobe Systems has shut its North American operations for the week as part of a cost-cutting effort that the company said it will repeat at least once more this year.

Looks like TLOs have finally spread into the software market as well. Wondering if software companies should be coordinating shutdowns, like the auto industry is...

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